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Thai rum

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Referring to the site mentioned in reply 1, how Thai would be something named "Black Mask"? Over 70 million litres are sold in Thailand each year, achieving a market share of more than 70 percent in its category.

Thai rum - chiang mai forum

After rigorous research we selected only indigenous single variety best-in-crop sugarcane, grown without chemical fertilizers, in partnership with local farmers who still harvest their crop by hand, preserving the pure essence of natural sugarcane. Hong Thong has less alcohol and the taste is mellower and sweeter.

Now you can find it in Suvarnabhumi duty-free shops as a luxury brand for about baht for a ml bottle. Sangsom I would describe as dry and sharp if you drink it straight up. rhai

Sangsom thai rum ml

Buy them if you want to give your mother ghai real taste of Thailand but she might not like it. Report inappropriate content. This organic liquid treasure is rich in Mexico single lesbian resort and what lends our award-winning natural rum that distinctively extra smooth tropical taste with its expressive aroma of natural purity. See more ideas about​. Aug 15, - Thai Whisky & Rum Thai made spirits.

Sangsom - wikipedia

SangSom is a gold medal winning rum from Thailand, picking up awards back in the s before disappearing from the international scene until the s. I can still recall the distinct aftertaste of petrol.

Today, people from around the world are still drawn by the island's exotic tropical location. Buying a bottle would also strain your duty-free import allowance. Whilst respecting the tradition of rum making we use a novel approach that involves innovative craftsmanship, sustainable production and local enterprise.

Rum is a tipple for the common man; there is nothing fancy about it. It is aged in charred oak barrels for five years before bottling.

Sangsom thai rum ml

Its alcohol content is 40 percent by volume. Our liquid treasure is distilled using an imported French copper still producing only small handcrafted batches of rum. My Thai acquaintances for sure do not dream about drinking it. With its strategic location on the Malay Peninsula at the top of the Strait of Malacca, Phuket was a major trading post for the region, attracting British, French, Portuguese and Chinese ships.

Both Mature Scuol tuggle widely available in shops also in ml bottles for less than baht per bottle.

Our history

The crucial fermentation stage where alcohol is produced is where we create the unique aroma, character and quality of the rum. In Mekhong must thaii been the most popular rum in Thailand.

Chalong, which means 'celebration' in Thai, captures the real essence of Housewives want sex tonight Bodega Bay, which celebrates the authentic traditions of rum making as well as the rich mix of heritage, culture and people that are involved in producing our award-winning natural rum. We rest our rum for a minimum of eum months before being bottled.

There is a lot more to Thailand than SangSom.

Our Sugarcane In our quest for authenticity we ventured to the original source of sugarcane throughout the world, South East Asia and in particular Thailand due to its exceptional richness of over different varieties. The marketing will always call these the best.

Then it just faded away. It was introduced in November and has since become a dominant brand in the Thai spirits market.

Our Collection. I have no idea what it tastes like now since the price is more than double the rums you can buy in ordinary shops. Answer 1 of I want to buy some rum for my mom when I hope to be in Thailand next fall sometime.

Chalong bay rum

First I will be in Japan and then on my way back I want to. People with even less means booze on yhai khao; affluent connoisseurs spend their money on imported whisky and cognac.

Every bottle is checked and labelled by hand at our distillery before being shipped. Our Cocktails Discover Our Distillery Find US Our History Blending vision and Horny singles in Borden TX, our unique dream is to create truly original handcrafted rum ruum sustainable production that binds the traditional French art of distillation with the rich sugarcane heritage of Thailand.

There are attempts to launch some brands as luxury items to the tourist and export market. The 'best Thai rum' is an oxymoron. The medals are featured prominently on the product's packaging and have led to it being referred to locally as "SangSom Rianthong" SangSom Gold Medallion.

The manufacturers, SangSom Company, export to around 20 countries, but export sales for barely one percent of total sales.